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VPS Server
Deploy your servers on our VPS SERVER cloud in minutes and access limitless resources with instant scalability.

There are many advantages of virtualizing your servers including the following:

  • Increase your hardware utilization
  • Save of electricity, reduce CO2
  • Reduced physical hardware, fewer maintenance personnel.
  • Don't waste time on software installation - installed in minutes.
  • Simple backup and restore operations.

Included in VPS SERVER

  • HP Intel/AMD dual or quad core processor
  • 64-bit and 32-bit Windows and Linux support
  • Full administrator and root access and rebooting
  • RAID disk storage
  • Reserved RAM
  • Web management portal for reboots and software installs
  • iPhone and Android applications for mobile access
  • Automated daily and weekly backups (free software)
  • Clone entire server from backup images
  • Private IPs for inter server communication
  • HA capabilities via multiple servers
  • Maximise server usage to full capacity

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